Sunday, September 6, 2009

people are like books....

All of us have different covers, we come in different shapes and sizes and colours, we have different contents, are placed in different genres, shelved in different sections.. though we all have a story to tell, a story that holds meaning to ourselves and the people around us. You could say i’m just expanding on the old saying: “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Every book is different. And how we would connect with a book would be different as well. No two books are the same.. each brings with it different stories, experiences and thoughts. I’d go as far as saying that people aren’t just normal books, but books similar to the ones you’d get in Harry Potter. Remember those? Each book was alive with the ‘personality’ of its contents. The book of invisibility could not be found (perhaps a book on ‘uncloaking invisibility’ should be paired with it in a, the book of magical creatures had jaws that could munch your fingers off (wonders whether it could have been trained to be a pet?)...We’re kinda like those books in that.. we have personality.. we show it on a daily basis albeit perhaps not the full personality..but some of our personality nonetheless. And we are each read in a different manner, requiring different means of opening and reading (random: so i guess those who have the hands and strength of Hagrid would have no problems reading ‘books’?.. except maybe if he needed to read minute books?lol). So i guess people shouldn’t be too hard to read? They just need to opened and read in special ways?

Oh well just the itty bitty of my thoughts that pop out just before bedtime. And i’ll end with an edition to another saying from Shakespeare: “the world’s a stage..and all the men and women merely players”. I’d say.. the world’s a library and the men and women are the books that fill its shelves” (perfect for those who study and observe people me thinks.. lol)..and that's one heck of a library i'd say XD..

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