Saturday, March 6, 2010


You’ll know that things are changing (or rather know that your getting when the topic of conversations have shifted among best friends and friends. It was not too long ago in primary school where all the boys would gather round Monday morning, before or after assembly, talking about the recent episode of power rangers that was aired during the weekend. There were other shows or cartoons as well like spiderman and etc though can’t recall the others at the moment. Only knew that power rangers was a popular topic during early primary. Then it shifted a little bit more to fighting/action movies and wrestling during late primary; mimicking all those moves in class when the teachers weren’t around =P. Then there was hari kanak-kanak (those were the where we’d all be discussing what toys or board games or items to bring to school to play with. Remember discussing when we’d bring our badminton rackets to play..what board games to bring (think monopoly was in the list..and there was carom as well!)..and just have fun..well since the tests and all were over by then xD. The girls? Well not too sure what they’d talk about, though I don’t think it included sailormoon (but that’s just what the boys all thought..haha).

Then came secondary school, where the topics of conversation really started to spread out. Computer games were infectious especially during early secondary with the introduction of half-life and counter strike. There were conversations on sports (mostly football), cars, motorbikes, electronic gadgets, handphones, movies, teachers, clubs and societies, seniors, music and etc.. oh yea and not forgetting girls as well.. lol.. especially at the end of the year where classmates would somehow be able to attain year books from the other schools.. (macam hot cakes saja when the books are seen in class.. lol). Would be talking alot about exams when they were drawing nearer as well and lament about how close it was (days remaining to the exams would be writing on the blackboard) and daydream about the holidays after (you’d get classmates then writing the remaining days to the holidays after the exams xD). What follows was upper secondary, where committees of clubs and societies can be heard discussing about meetings, activities and etc... and everyone would soon be able to get their vehicle licenses. Wow-zers, I never heard that much talk of motorbikes till I got into f4 with names of models and its specs flying all over the place, stories of incidents, accidents and injuries and what nots. Then it evolved into cars when everyone was in f5 instead.. haha. Aside from the usual topics of conversation, there was something new when it came to upper secondary: tertiary education.. what to do? Where to go? How to go about it? College or f6? And etc.. If it wasn’t about the usual topics... it would be about studies.. lol

Suffice to say that tertiary studies in has had pretty much the same topics as secondary school... with the exception of a higher anime and manga influence in diploma.. lol.. i’m guessing we’d still be talking about bleach every Friday when till we start work (unless it ends early.. which dosen’t seem likely at the moment). Getting close to finishing the degree? Well topics then go to where are ya gonna work? Where would you stay? Any thoughts about having your own family.. and etc.. big change from the power rangers talk ain’t it? Lol. And I used to be up-to-date with pokemon.. now?.. my cousin has to lecture me on it.. and shakes his head whenever I don’t know a particular pokemon.. lol..dangggg. Didn’t really give the change of topic of conversations much thought till I was having a chat with my best friend before he flew back to the land down under. Talking about how life would be working, and perhaps having a family? thoughts on bachelorhood didn’t seem to get such an excited approval.. lol.. when it was mentioned that a few of his uncles.. were.. well.. seemed to lead a boring life?? –shrug- His dad cut in saying that having a family would be better... his mum gave a nod of approval to that as well... lol... and his dad then gave an interesting comment “how things have changed eh? Topics of conversations aren’t what they used to be anymore” (he gave with a small laugh). Known each other since standard 4.. gosh.. 12 years? Wow.. from singing westlife songs in class bout girls.. to well.. talking about the choices and options and views about life itself... and its just the beginning isn’t it?

Yea I like looking back on younger days and such.. though I guess I’d better pay more attention to the present.. and just prepare for what I can in the future instead of thinking too much about it?

On another note.. if only it were this simple:

Hector: What are you going to do after you graduate?
Jeremy: Go to college

Hector: What are you going to do after college?
Jeremy: Make tones of money

Hector: (=.=) Solid strategy
Jeremy: Yeah, I feel sorry for people who don’t have a plan

LOL... guess it could be right? lol