Friday, November 30, 2007

future decided?

Is the future really decided?
Does everyone of us have a path we have to follow?
Is life just a circle that goes round and round?

Somehow or rather, i was bombarded with these questions these couple of days. Got it from the shows i watched and the books i read.(yes KS i'm finally gaining momentum on time spiral :P)
It got me thinking... seriously...what in the world is in store for us in the coming years??

We (as in the "big daddy of them all", skeith, mr.Woo, Barney, the "king" and I) had our own thoughts on the future last Monday. Perhaps it was the atmosphere, or perhaps the company, or maybe even the mee goreng, but whatever the case, we crap a whole lot from lunch till bout 2-ish i think. From jokes from "how i met your mother" up to weddings in the future.

I can only remember that it started when the "king" got a call from his "queen" and we suddenly switched topic to weddings and kids. And man that was a long series of craps and what nots.. XP.. A few details perhaps on what could be in the future: (hehe) weddings in the future could be chaotic with the "college" gang there. Possible outcomes include lots of "lae"s, slaps,"you sucks" and all that going around.Following that would be gun shots from the groom or bride =P. Those who are still single will be bird watching (and by then we would be pretty well versed in coordinates ^.^).

Then we come to the kids. The last wedding among us will need to have a kids table for our possible kids. And then all hell breaks loose in that table. Too many details here, but here's a few snippets: Two kids by the side calling one :"Lae NOOB!" , one un-wasteful kid (XP need i say more?) , couple of boom-box kids making funky sounds, some would be making DIY footballs to play by the side (sound familiar?), there would be a kid doing mechanical finger signs, another browsing through the crowd and a whole load of other antics that i'm sure would like to be added by my classmates hehe.

So what DOES the future really have in store for us?
For now...wouldn't know... I guess we shouldn't really worry too much about the future yet right? It would be better to enjoy the NOW and let the future come when it wants to come.
"que sera sera"...