Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a glass of milk.....

Right..i seem to be a monthly writter =p so i gues this will be this months' entry >.<. I've been thinking of late about an old philosophy(if you would call it that) on the half glass of milk. It is said that optimists would choose to think of the glass as half full where as the pessimists would choose to think that the glass is half empty. Well i sort of have a differing take on that. What if i said that the so called optimists were ignorant and their counterparts were much better off? How would that be so? Well lets see it from a different perspective; if he/she is in the "half-full" side of the saying, he/she would look upon his/her glass and would be contented with what he/she already has. But if the milk in the glass continues to diminish, they could still be contented with the statement that "is still partially full". Would you wait till the glass is empty before filling it up?

So how're about the "half-empty" side?..well he/she would definitely NOT be happy with the half glass of milk. He/she would want the whole glass filled. And heck, isn't that what we all want? Imagine going to a kopitiam and they serve you a half glass of kopi-peng at the same price as the full glass? Ridiculous right? You'd want your money's worth. What i'm trying to say is that the "pessimestic" side would half the initiative to get their glasses full instead of leaving it as a half glass of milk.

But all this fuss about a half glass of milk...its abit er.. uneccessary. So why don't we look at it from another perspective. Think of the glass as your life..yeap your LIFE.. and the milk? think of it as the contents of your life - friends,family,memories,experiences. NOW, if we go back to the original interpretation and use it in this context: the person who views his/her life as half full, when it CAN be full, is the ignorant one eventhough he/she is contented with it. What's the point of living life when your fine with just "half-full"?? What happens when it's empty? Would you be in denial or would you then realise that you'd had better work to live your life to the fullest? That would be a reactive response or "knee-jerk" response. Overcome only when the problem hits you smack in face.

Then you come to the ones who are labled to be pessimistic. They'd want their life to be full. They would be proactive instead of reactive in making sure that their life isn't wasted (well we only have one life to live - depending on what each of us believe in). I know that this would be an ideal interpretation, not considering the faults and extremisims that exist. But then, its just my 2-cents worth...i get to have my say :)...

And although I'm not being as proactive as I can be... I'll try either way... cheers to life!
(but being proactive in writting...well... that'll depend XP)