Sunday, March 16, 2008


Ah its been what? 3 months since my last post?
Well 'twas a pretty hectic 3 months since january ; with 4 subjects in a short semester and one of them had to be project lab =.=". Now finally it has ended!!!!!

Feels kinda awkward actually. Can't believe the 2 years went by in just a flash. One moment i'm sitting down in the class for my orientation... the next, i'm handing up my last paper for the whole course. WOW! I'm partially relieved and saddened by the fact that the whole course has come to a close. Relieved for the fact that i can at least rest and think about my next step (for the next 3 months ++ XD) but saddened that my classmates will be leaving for further education in a few months.

Two years of study, mayhem and laughter with the whole class. Darn it... i'm gonna miss all of that. Thirteen of us.. (kinda reminds me of the RC gang - 13 ppl there too XP).. alot memories, just too bad we won't be able to study together till we work. Naive-ness aside, hope we'll still be "bff"s for many year to come ('',).

Okay now for the next 3++ months... got to find productive stuff to do... (hehe). Need to get a checklist..hmm.... will think about it after i let my brain have abit more of a vacation XP...