Thursday, October 18, 2007


Everyone has needs am I right? Isn't that what drives us to live and to achieve that which drives us?

A need for love
A need for friends
A need for trust
A need for together-ness
A need for family

or even

A need for shelter
A need for peace
A need for space
A need for time

and not forgetting

A need for success
A need for a better life
or just a need for a better tommorror
A need for a better future

and the simpler stuff :P

A need for your fav food
A need for your own bed
A need for a game or two hearing "OWNING!" =p
A need for a smile
A need for laughter...

A need for happiness...

Needs...endless needs.. kinda reminds me about the mirror of erised in harry potter.. a person who is truly happy will be able to use the mirror AS a normal mirror (or something like that).
Which brings to mind, what would make us TRULY happy? Would it be achieve with the fulfillments of these needs?

What do I need?..well for the moment TIME!! and some extra dosages of EFFORT! for I am getting lazier than a sloth =.= (darn...)

(note: i had no actual intentions when writing this..just came out so i thought about being spontaneous for once...hehe)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Right, these are the man and women who have been in our lives, educating us for the past what? 13 years ++?.. And what am I doing here writting about them?.. well i've been just thinking lately about the various and colourful personalities of the teachers who have taught me and my fellow peers and more particularly about the way in which they control a classroom.

A classroom can go from silence-worthy of a funeral-to rowdiness very much alike to that of a fish market with just the change of a teacher.Why is this so? Can we as students unconsiously tell which teachers to ignore or obey or is it the aura that radiates from the teachers themselves that informs us?

I've gone through teachers which have controlled classrooms with fear.. maybe that's not the best word to describe it but its somewhat similar. Fear of getting ourselves into trouble and the consequences that would fall after.. and can still vividly remember a huge padlock being thrown onto the table and a long scolding for the class for those who did not complete their homework *shudders*.. yea we would be "angels" in that class haha... There was another teacher where we got a lecture on expected class behaviour on the first day of class! And of course we followed it thoroughly after a student got "hammered" for copying homework... =.=... Who else managed to control the classrooms?..hmm.. oh yea, and some others would control by means of respect. Him/her would treat us as adults IF we in turn ACT like adults (and not like baboons =P)..

Then we've got the other extreme of ignoring the teacher altogother. Teachers who teach but no one's listening..there would be no talking...but there'd be no paying attention either. Then we're also got those who can't control the class at all. There'd be noise throughout the classroom. I just wonder why the teacher isn't able to control the class. However i think that teaching isn't the easiest of professions, but still isn't controlling the class a must? Perhaps the subject would also play a part in whether students remained disciplined in class but there are teachers who can still command the class where the subject is..well how do i put it?uninteresting?..

Any take on this?