Sunday, May 24, 2009


Something which inevitably goes on and can't be turned back..

Time seems to be in my mind alot this semester: having a microcontroller project of building a digital clock to having a game proposal report based on the theme of time travelling and even to the thought that the end of next year.. i'm done with my degree.. fancy that.

Time is something that dosen't follow our needs at most times. When examinations are drawing nearer, you'd wish that there was just that much more time to cram in more info into your head but you'd wish all the more for the holidays to arrive faster to let yourself go and bask in the laziness of breaks =). You'd wish you could turn back time when your assignment due dates draws closer (i sense procrastination bells or to make right the wrongs that you've done.

Times of pain and hurt that you'd wish you could just fast-forward or erase.

Then there are those times when you'd wish time would just stop or slow down to enjoy the moments in life: moments of laughter, joy, moments spent with loved ones, those you care for, friends and the likes, and moments of glory of achievements. Maybe that's being too light, i should say those times of laughter in which you just couldn't stop, or get up from, or which brings out tears and ache to your jaws..the real lols, rofls, lmaos and the likes XD. Those times when you'd have those you care for all around you - sharing, talking, laughing, playing and having the spirit of together-ness. Those moments with those close to you, spent by just sharing dreams,hopes, pains, joys, talking, joking and listening. If only those moments could have lasted longer or perhaps be forever recorded into our memories. (I'm not sure whether eating something new like pig's blood counts as those moments that should be recorded

Though time is made in a way so as we do not take it for granted.
Time waits for no man.
Every moment should be cherished and stored for it its through all these moments, regardless of sorrow and joy, for that makes us who we are, that makes us grow.

There's a saying that goes:
"Life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away"

A beautiful line really.. though i think it makes life pretty short dosen't it? Why just moments that take our breath away? Why not just moments that we smile or laugh? Aren't those moments worth taking into account as well? How about those moments where we got struck down.. and managed to rise again?

I'm not saying i fully cherish and utilize every second of my life... i do at times take them for granted... i guess i'm just slowly realizing and learning to take every moment in... heck these are just my thoughts.. been plaguing my mind before i sleep for awhile now so thought i'd might as well write some bits and pieces of it down..

Time time time.....

(I think this is due to reading too much cherub..=p)